Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Real Deal Brazil, THE Geocaching Hat? The Proof Is in the Picture!

The "official" GeoWoodstock IX "flashmob" photo of our growing Real Deal Brazil geocaching army, whom one day we hope to take into battle, hats on heads and GPSes in hand! OK, just kidding on that last part. Maybe.

Our great, great thanks to Jenn "Kunve" Kunze, Geoacaching Goddess, for all her efforts in coordinating this shot, and in running flak for us when people kept asking why we weren't at GWS9 ourselves.

Gosh, folks, we didn't know ya cared so! Now we're feeling a bit warm and fuzzy all over! Also,a little guilty. Warm and fuzzy and guilty. (We may need a cold shower, a shave, some therapy, and a drink. Hell, screw the therapy! Who's buyin' the drink?)

So why weren't we, in all seriousness, not there this year, with hats and bags for sale, and a little attitude to burn? We don't have a good answer, beyond this: We honestly didn't realize the degree to which our brand had become so prevalent within the geocaching community, which is a little humbling, thank you very much! (And by thank you very much, we really mean it: Thank you all. Very much.) On top of that, we are a small company with not a lot of budget, quite honestly. We have to be extremely selective in what we can do by way of travel, etc., which usually has to equal not much.

That said, this photo, and the planning that went into it, and the big group who turned out just to be a part of it, has us saying this: If it can happen that we can attend GWS10 (May 25-26, 2012, in Sellersburg, Ind.), it will!

That ain't just talk, brethren. If it can, it will. And we hope it will!

Especially since Jenn owes us a couple of beers. Just don't tell her we said that. She probably thinks we're buying!


koneko said...

mmmhmmmmm. Right.

Darin Gagne said...

Geocaching "Godess"???

She will need a bigger hat.