Friday, August 19, 2011

You're Never too Young to Be the Real Deal!

It's that age-old question: Are people born the Real Deal, or are they instead raised that way? In the case of young Spencer Robert Gordon here, the answer would seem to be ... BOTH!

Spencer's photo came to us in an Aug. 18 e-mail from his mom, excited new Real Deal Brazil hat owner Debi Gordon of Voorhees, N.J. Debi writes:

"My family and I were in Nags Head (N.C., on the Outer Banks) this past week and we had an amazing time! Truly the best vacation ever…..for many reasons…one of them being , we walked into (local business) Nags Head Hammocks and were looking around and all of a sudden the hat caught our eyes! It is the most perfect hat for my husband and we also bought a bag …..then I went back and bought 3 more hats for our friends back home ."

Debi says of her son, age 3, and his borrowed RDB hat:

"He looks wonderful in it (yes even with the binky) and he truly is the real deal."

We couldn't agree more!

In closing, Debi adds:

"Thanks for all of your wonderful products we will be ordering more very soon."

We do so love a story with a happy ending!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Real-Life Good-Time Recipe From the Nice Folks at The Real Deal Brazil

Hey you adult Real Deal Brazil party people! The next time you feel like vigorously killing some time (and, OK, a few brain cells), try this:

Fill a blender about half full of ice, crushed being best. Fill the rest of the way with chunks of fresh seedless watermelon. Add as much Malibu rum (the new Malibu Black, flavored with coconut, is dangerously tasty) as you feel safe with, then splash in about a half a cup of skim milk. Blend heavily. Pour. Hide your car keys, cuz you will drink more, and then probably more again. In fact, you may drink every damn bit.

Sharing is, of course, optional.

For a little extra appalling decadence, add whipped cream. A cherry. A slab of pineapple.

Whee! Summer's almost gone, but with this tasty newly improvised concoction (we just made it up this evening out of what was on-hand), you can serve up a little of the lazy season all year long.

It's kinda like the taste of a vacation to Florida, in a glass.