Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lucky Winners of Our 2,000 Fans Contest

It's that magic time, Real Dealers!

Twenty winners were randomly drawn this morning from the 190 Real Deal Brazil fans who entered our 2,000 Fans Contest. Winners are listed below, in the order they were chosen at random-drawing site Random.org. We included current Facebook profile pics of each winner, cuz we're just like that.

Congrats to all you folks, and our sincere thanks to everyone who took part. Some of your answers were positively inspired (Kermit the Frog? Really? We love it!), and we'll definitely post several here in their entirety as soon as we get the chance.

Winners should drop a note to frabey@realdealbrazil.com before Friday, July 29, to secure their prizes. Subject line: I WON!

For the rest of you folks, rest assured, we'll be doing something new in the not-too-distant future to spread a few more hats around (it'll either be really obvious, or else it won't; we love us a good puzzle!). Cuz every now and then, a thank you from us to all of you is in order, for letting us continue to do what we do ...

And now, drumroll please ...


1. Scotty Byard

2. Jonathan Will

3. Robert Fitzgerald

4. Brad Simmons

5. Peter J Murray III

6. Christopher Plyler

7. Anna Schubarth

8. Jed Mcilvain

9. Ted Stanley

10. Barry McCalla

11. Michael Carlson

12. Darin Gagne

13. John Carbaugh

14. Patrick Buttermore

15. Ken Collucci

16. Eric McWilliams

17. Jacob Martin Prater

18. Erik Allen Garrison

19. Buddy Lique

20. Rob Peck


Darin Gagne said...


Thanks a lot guys.

Rob Peck said...

I am in appreciation of customer appreciation...

Mike said...

Yay Thanks RDB!! You guys rock!

rjfitz1 said...

Thanks for the shot! This one will get as much wear as the first!

Anna Schubarth said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks a million!

Ken Collucci said...

Wow! I actually won! Thank you. You guys are the best.