Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Down-Time on the Water, Real Deal Brazil Style

Waylon Warren, the Real Deal Brazil's own intrepid photographer, showed his equally heightened talents for inspired relaxation during a Memorial Day 2011 trip with girlfriend Lisa Chesson and several friends. The group took a pontoon-boat trip on eastern North Carolina's Albemarle Sound, putting in at Mackeys Creek, not too far from where Waylon lives.

"It was a good little outing," he says.

On that hot day, while the boat drifted and Lisa and fellow passengers lounged up top or on inner tubes floating nearby, Waylon had the ingenuity to string a nylon parachute hammock under the boat's elevated center section, to where he was actually reclining in the tannin-dark water.

"Turned out to be a pretty big hit with most of the crew," he says. "It was extremely comfortable, and cool, being half in the water and under the boat in the shade."

When he had to deal with sun -- sometimes you just have to man up and give your friends a few minutes in your under-pontoon hammock, after all -- his Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat kept things a little less sizzly. "It kept me from getting burnt to a crisp," Waylon says.

It protected his head, anyway.

"My shoulders and back were not so lucky," he admits.

But the Jack Daniels certainly helped with the pain.

"I started early," Waylon says with a grin.