Friday, November 2, 2012

Color Us Impressed! RDB Fan Shares Dyeing Tips, Photo of Multiple Successes!

Our hats and bags, handmade in rural Brazil from heavy recycled cotton-canvas truck tarps, hold dye very, very well. So we're always pleased to share our fans' unique successes in deepening a Real Deal Brazil hat's existing color, or embracing a whole new color altogether. And when we get evidence of both at once? We're just tickled, well, a color other than pink! Maybe tea-brown. Or a coffee-black, perhaps ...

Fourfold RDB owner Kevin Johnson is responsible for the sharp color alterations in the photo above, creating an arsenal of RDB hats for any Real Deal occasion!

Kevin also included some specific tips on how to dye a Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat when he originally posted this photo on the fan portion of our Facebook site. Here's what he said:

1) Start light and work your way to darker shades. 2) Mix a couple of tablespoons of salt in with your dyes to make the color set.

light brown.... use tea
Medium brown.... use coffee
Dark brown or black.... use Rit dye
Patchwork.... use some of each and apply with a Q-tip.

That salt tip is especially good. Thanks, Kevin!