Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your Butt's Safer With Us! Really.

That is, ouch for the Real Deal Brazil Tri-Fold Wallet this guy is holding, but thankfully not ouch for the guy who's holding it!

A few weeks ago,
Jeff Turnes was riding his custom 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan in Charleston, W.V., just south of his home in the bedroom community of Sissonville. Working at an auto auction just outside of Charleston, and having grown up only a couple of miles from where he was driving, Jeff knew the streets there well. It was late afternoon, and he was taking a sharp-left turn, going about 20 mph. And maybe, he thinks, he hit an oily patch of road. All he can say for sure is that his motorcycle suddenly started going one way, and him the other, which is altogether a pretty good recipe for things ending badly.

And, just like that, $3,500 in damage to his beloved bike.

That was actually a later pain to his wallet, however. There was also another. One that was a whole lot more dramatic, and immediate.

But let's not get too far ahead of the story here. Because what oh the fate of our new friend Jeff himself? This dad and granddad took a sudden tumble from a moving motorcycle in a curve, after all ...

The most important thing to know is that the bike didn't fall on him, and no other vehicle hit him in the process. Beyond that, we’ll let Jeff explain what did, and didn't, happen, in his own words:

"Fortunately, I was not injured. Partially, I attribute this to the Real Deal Brazil wallet in my back left rear pocket. I was thrown off of my bike onto the hard pavement and, as luck would have it, I skidded on my left backside through my bluejeans and the wallet was partially 'eaten' by the blacktop. I put some duct-tape on my wallet and it works fine now!!"

We tried to get Jeff a new wallet anyway, but he'd beaten us to the punch, having already ordered, and received, another one for himself! He later also updated us on the other aftereffects of his spill:

  • The current condition of his bike:
    "I got it all fixed up and even upgraded my seat. I purchased a Mustang seat with a backrest and also a Cobra sissy bar for my girlfriend. Gotta take care of the lady!!"
  • His pants from that day:
    "Those jeans are history!!"
  • Himself:
    "I was sore but that wallet did save my a$$. Real Deal are awesome!!!
The Real Deal Brazil: Awesome, yes. And ready to save your own a$$!