Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Original Zombie-Killing Hat,
aka the Zombieland Hat!

We're geeking pretty hard on this whole Zombieland thing around here. Our Real Deal Brazil hat has quickly become the world's undisputed leader in zombie-killing headwear. Would Indiana Jones' trusty fedora have stood up to the angry undead? We think not!

Online attention to the upcoming Columbia Pictures horror-comedy has ratcheted up sharply since Zombieland trailers hit theaters recently; zombie chatter is now splattering everything from movie-nerd sites to general blog posts, a happy, bloody, reanimated mess of fanboy speculation and fashionista fun. On top of that, Zombieland is now opening sooner than originally scheduled. Initially, the opening date was set for Oct. 9, but due to some studio conflict, national release has just been moved up one week.

The movie is now set to hit theaters Friday, Oct. 2. So prepare to get your weekend zombie on! Zombieland, starring badass Woody Harrelson as a crazed zombie killer who does his undead re-demises via iron skillet, car door and AK-47, all while sporting one of our very own Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hats, looks like a scream (no pun intended). It'll be, to say the least, a very lively bit of entertainment (OK, pun intended that time).

If you go to see it, then don't be shy: Wear your own RDB hat to the theater! And if the goober behind you says anything about his view being blocked by your stellar head-topper, stand up and announce to everyone there that you can do any damn thing you please. After all, you're the only one in the room in a true zombie-killing hat!