Monday, March 10, 2008

Some pictures

Hey everyone! We are still real busy getting things squared away from our last trip so I thought I would post just a few picks we got to take while we were down there.

This first one we thought was pretty neat – it’s modern meets old, it’s amazing how you will see cars and motorcycles and then horses transporting people and things.

This pictures on the right is of a bunch of tarps getting ready to be cleaned and made into hats!

This picture on the left is a guy cutting out the different parts to make hats. This guy was amazing to watch, he moved so fast it was like watching a magician work.

The picture on the right didn’t come out like I would have hoped but it is a picture of a gas station – which just happened to be the hotel we were staying at.
This guy on the right was selling pineapples from the back of his truck, if you look above him you can see tarps! They are used on just about all the trucks down there. Most likely the tarp you see in this picture will be used to make a hat in the future.
The picture on the left is from when we were in the car taking a tour when I looked to my right and there was this guy, in one of our hats riding a bike. I took a real quick picture because to me I thought it was just pretty cool to see.

On the right is one of the town markets from a village we visited.

We would love to see pictures of the different ways people are wearing their hats so if you have some, email them to us and if you would like we would be more than happy to post them here to show everyone your unique style.

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