Friday, February 22, 2008

Just got back from Brazil!

Wow! We have been in Brazil for the past month and what an adventure we've had. Even though we are working around the clock it doesn't seem like it, we go down there and from the time we get off the plane until we get back on it, it is nothing but fun and excitement. All of us love going to Brazil so much - the people, the atmosphere - everything there is just phenomenal! We met a lot of great people who are willing to make our hats for us out of used car tire wire and tarps from the cargo trucks there. And ever better then that, they are going to send us some sample of some new items like bags, backpacks, shoulder packs and so on. As soon as we get them we get some pictures of them loaded up here.

While we were visiting these different towns, we were amazed about how many tarps they have left over from trucks. To think this heavy duty material wasn't being used for anything is just appalling! We are so glad we can put it to some good use. Here is a picture of a pile of tarps one place had.

Everywhere we went we saw trucks that use tarps to cover their cargo around - this stuff is really used a lot down there. From what we could gather from people there is that one of the main reasons you see tarps used so much more then a metal covered cargo area, is because of the heat factor! It's so hot there that a metal covered bed would be like a death trap and so hard to load and unload stuff. Which this makes perfect sense - it was a 104 degrees in the SHADE while we were there! Here are two pictures of a truck we saw with the tarp covered bed.

Hopefully I can get some more pictures up here in a few days from our trip, there is just so much to do now that I can't get them all done!

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