Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bogani yelled out out the window in Afrikaans, " Dit is vir my , Bogani. Dit is die Amerikaanse ek jou vertel het nie ... moenie skiet." I speak a little of the language, enough to recognize, "don't shoot". The mood quickly eased and the gentlemen lowered their weapons and approached our vehicle. I looked at Bogani and he gave me a wry smile. By now our vehicle had curious faces looking in on me. One of them identified himself in thick English as, Luc. "So, you are the American we have heard so much about?" I didn't bat an eye, but my mind was racing...how much had Alu opened his mouth? "Why do you want to go there?" Luc asked. "A minor loose end I'd like to resolve", I lied. "Hmmm, cost you...". It always does. I pulled out my wallet, hoping what I had there would satisfy them as I was anxious to get moving again, the sweat starting to run from my forehead. A quick hand reached in and snatched the wallet. My new guide took it all and tossed the wallet back in as he turned to walk away. "Hey...I got the better deal" I said, holding up my wallet. He tossed a fifty dollar bill back in and laughed, "You are funny, my American friend". I breathed a sigh, knowing my main cash supply was still safely tucked away. In an instant, we were all back on the road, still heading West. 

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