Monday, June 13, 2011

Real Deal Daddy-o!

What’s Dad really need this year? Some free time he can spend getting into all the best kinds of trouble with the kids, and his very own Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat, natch. Because an RDB hat is the right kind of trouble just waitin' to happen.

The photo of quality dad time, above, comes from Roger Pinckney, avid Real Dealer, resident of sparsely populated Daufuskie Island, S.C., and senior editor of Sporting Classics Magazine. And with his photo came this fabulous explanation:

“Boys with their first 22 rifle and hunter orange get up. Christmas 2010 Daufuskie Island SC, no bridge, no ATM, no yoga, no yogurt and the fast food as fins, fur, or feathers.”

Intriguing guy, huh? This one-of-a-kind dad only gets more interesting the more you learn about him. Pinckney’s life is a testament to all that aforementioned trouble, and then some:

As a young man, he packed all he owned into an old truck and struck out from his home in the South Carolina Lowcountry for Fairbanks, Alaska, never to get there:

“Stranded on a chilly roadside in Northern Minnesota,” reads one of several online bios on the man, “Pinckney bought land, took up with a long string of Norwegian girls, raised horses, cattle, babies, learned to dynamite stumps, cook maple syrup, and drive sled dogs.”

Not long ago remarried, Pinckney, an avid conservationist, is an equally avid hunter. He dropped us an e-mail update back in early February 2011 of the trouble he and his boys and his hat were then getting into:

"Knocked over a limit of quail in S Georgia riding on a mule wagon and am heading out to shoot ducks on the Santee Delta on the 15th. Meanwhile, we organized the locals and put a serious dent in our huge population of island whitetails. 200 deer, times an average of 40 lbs of boned meat off each, (subtracting the back straps, adding the pork butts) equals four TONS of sausage. … The head DNR deer man said it was our civic responsibility to shoot more deer and, brother, we rizz to it this year.”

If ever there was a Real Deal kind of dad, Pinckney is all that and then some.

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