Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Real Deal Brazil Revists the Ancient Far East!

Pet Dr. Phil is back in the RDB house!

Last May, we received a superb set of travel photos from Real Deal Brazil owner Phil Caldwell, a Los Angeles small-animal veterinarian and aspiring writer. Phil had documented in pictures a trip he'd taken to Cambodia, one of his favorite places in the world. In his happy travels there, Phil was routinely accompanied by his stalwart Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat, even through the incredible ruins of Angkor Wat, from the ancient Khmer Empire.

Phil took another trip in late-November, 2010, and we lucked out to again receive a few shots from his enviable travels, presented below. Sorry it's taken us so long to share them!

For more on Phil's trans-global travel exploits, visit his compelling personal blog, "Scribbles From a Midnight Diary,"

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