Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Field & Stream" Spotlights Real Deal Brazil Recycled-Tarp Hat

We've certainly said it before: Our uncanny recycled-tarp hat his hit some true high-points, press-wise, in its still-young life. Today, we're compelled to say it yet again!

We've waded deeply in the mainstream: Reader's Digest gave us a great nod last year, as did Entertainment Weekly.

We've scored huge with the Web-crawling crowd: BoingBoing.Net, the self described international "Directory of Wonderful Things," was emphatic, saying of our hat: "This thing is just great!"

Reviews have, in fact, spanned the cultural divide; we've received raves in both Tattoo magazine and on, the world's top green-products blog. We've even become a staple subject on a prominent online forum devoted to the act of being a sniper. If we're gonna be in that group's sights, we're obviously much happier being loved rather than hated!

Then late yesterday, we hit another very cool press milestone, getting positively reviewed in a popular blog on the Field & Stream magazine site, reaching an increasing segment of our customer base, the avid fisherman.

That's a snapshot of the page at right.

One of blog writer Joe Cermele's comments from the piece just kills us: "I would sooner wear this hat made well by a small company with a unique idea than just stroll into Wally World and buy a Gilligan hat or something." Beat that.

Which is to say: Thanks, Joe. We're honored as all get-out!

If you'd like to see some of the varied comments that readers have posted along with the article, visit, and scroll to article's end. At last count, there were 21 comments, including a couple great ones from Joe himself.

Here are just a couple, as a sample:

Posted by er1128: "I bought one of these hats in April and it has withstood this brutal South Texas summer admirably, even through all the rain we have at this canvas is fantastic. I have put it through the ringer in the past 3 months and not only does it help to keep cool but it is a lot more comfortable than my old straw cowboy hat."

From Del in KS: "That is a cool looking hat and just what I need so sent my order in a moment ago. "

From highrack: "Love the hat, I want one."

We hear ya, highrack! And we thank you, too.

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