Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Real Deal Brazil Recyled-Tarp Hat -- Not Just for Zombie Killers Anymore!

Lest we forget in all this zombie-killing talk surrounding our Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat's star turn atop Woody Harrelson's head in "Zombieland," the RDB is one wildly unique, tough-as-you-wanna-be head-topper, regardless of who's wearing it. Our distinctive hat was righteously cool long before ol' bad Woody and his movie's mob of angry undead arrived, and is designed for the long haul, way beyond the current zombification of our culture. Just check out what Boating, the world's largest powerboat magazine, has to say about our dang-fine hat in its October issue. (Click on the graphic above to view a readable version of the Boating article.)

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